Why using Cranium ERP?

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This software is available either on-premise or as a cloud-based ERP. If you opt to go with a cloud deployment, the solution will be accessible to your employees anytime and anywhere as long as an internet connection is available. This broadly increases the scope of where your employees can complete their duties and access pertinent information.

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Centralized Data

Data centralization is the essence of ERP system. You won't have to worry about maintaining your data, backup, or making sure it's available when you need them. It will be the very same data and information, wherever you access the system from any parts of the world.

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With increased visibility, you can develop insights quickly. Cranium ERP comes with the ability to use customizable dashboards to reflect minute-by-minute information such as inventory levels and allocation, which enables you to make informed decisions based on current processes.

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Cranium ERP provides interaction and control over multiple production sites. This enables collaboration between employees located in one site with the others.

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As a cloud-based solution, it is easy for employees to collaborate on and access materials whether they are in a corporate office or at a production facility.

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Access to different modules and components of the system can be controlled based on roles. For example, if you don't want a sales person to access productions modules, you can limit the scope of the user's access to the application.

Key Features and Modules

Sales Order Management

Purchasing Management

Production Planning

Inventory Management

Shipping and Distribution Management

Financial and Accounting Management


Sales order management module allows you to set quantity available amounts based on posted invoices. The program also allow you to create prepayment invoices and to manage partial shipments.

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